The dosing depends on the severity of the ailment and the personal examinee's sensibility. 1 capsule, which contains 50 mg, is prescribed for adults and children older than 12 years. It can be administrated with some water. If there is no satisfactory effect, the same dose may be repeated after 30-60 minutes. The maximal dosage is 400 mg. The drug cannot be used for too long time to avoid addiction. Capsule form cannot be given to examinees under 12. tramadol 50 mg If your doctor has prescribed ultram, you can go ahead and opt to buy tramadol from an online pharmaceutical store. This is easy especially in the case where a person cannot really move around too much especially due to the fact that they are in pain and are not able to go ahead and move around to get their medicine. This is also beneficial for elderly people who may not have any youngster sitting next to them to take them around.

1. You can purchase any good by reasonable prices, because online services suggest flexible price policy, which are quite cheap. soma online As we said before, you need a prescription if you want to buy Soma. A doctor will tell you if you are allowed to use this medication. Those people who suffer from epilepsy (or from other disorders that can cause seizures), as well as those who have any kind of liver or kidney diseases shouldn't take Carisoprodol (Soma) at all or should take lower doses. It's also important that those who drive or work with machinery shouldn't perform these activities if they feel Soma effects. As we said before, this medication can cause such problems as seizures, so you have to make sure that Soma doesn't affect you anymore before working with machines. One more tip, you can't take Soma if you are a pregnant or a breast-feeding woman. If you become pregnant and you use Soma, please, tell your doctor about it immediately, because this medication can hurt your child!

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So, Tramadol is actually a pain-killer. In other words, it's a drug your doctor prescribes to you when you feel pain. Moderate and even strong pain can be treated with Tramadol, but it isn't usually prescribed for treating excruciating pain. This means if you unfortunately can't perform your everyday activities because of your pain — Tramadol isn't the drug you need. Contact your doctor immediately in this case. tramadol overnight shipping Tramadol is available in both medical stores and online stores. Today a large number of aching patients prefer to take the online option for easy accessing of the medicine and the purchase procedure. Today online stores offer different discounts on this medicine. That is why people looking for a cheaper rate and fast service buy tramadol online by using their online banking or card paying facilities.

If you are searching to buy Soma, you may get the options of either going the online way or shopping through physical offline pharmacies. When you make the choice to buy Soma online, you may be surprised to see the many stores offering this drug at attractive prices. buy soma The medication comes in the form of tablet and can be taken orally. It is generally to be taken thrice in a day both with and without food. You need to follow the guidelines on the prescription label very carefully if you truly want to enjoy the benefits of this drug. Taking Soma as directed can offer many benefits. Never take the drug in less or more quantity than the prescribed dose.


„Biblioteca este un sanctuar pentru cei dornici de studiu“

June 10th, 2010, com Comenteaza

La Universitatea Naţională de Apărare Carol I din Capitală a fost inaugurată sala de lectură General Ştefan Guşă. Biblioteca Universităţii Naţionale de Apărare are acum o sală de lectură ultramodernă, dotată cu mobilier, echipamente informatice şi instalaţii de aer condiţionat noi, toate în valoare de peste 25 de mii de euro.

Proiectul realizării acestei săli a fost susţinut printr-un parteneriat public-privat între UNA şi Fundaţia General Ştefan Guşă. Deschiderea solemnă a sălii a avut loc cu doar câteva zile înainte de data la care reputatul comandant de regiment şi de divizie de tancuri, comandant de Armată şi şef al Marelui Stat Major, g-ral Ştefan Guşă ar fi împlinit 70 de ani. G-ral (r) ing. Niculae Spiroiu, fost ministru al Apărării şi director al Fundaţiei, a citit mesajul dnei Daniela Veronica Guşă de Drăgan, preşedinta Fundaţiei General Ştefan Guşă: „Doamnelor şi domnilor, oriunde, dar mai ales într-o universitate, biblioteca este un adevărat sanctuar la care vin să se cultive cei dornici de studiu. Biblioteca Universităţii Naţionale de Apărare îndeplineşte şi a îndeplinit cu supramăsură acest rol pentru generaţiile de ofiţeri, elevi, cursanţi, care au trecut pragul acestei instituţii etalon a învăţământului superior militar românesc în cei 120 de ani de existenţă. Faptul că Biblioteca UNA se dotează acum cu o modernă sală de lectură care asigură atât confortul studiului, cât şi utilităţile informatice necesare documentării biografice conferă acestei ceremonii inaugurale o semnificaţie de simbol.” Sala G-ral Ştefan Guşă deserveşte una dintre cele mai importante biblioteci ale ţării, care dispune de un fond total de documente tipărite de 150.932 volume, dintre care: 48.071 de cărţi în limba română, 12.042 de cărţi în limbi străine, 7.765 de cărţi vechi, 31.226 de cursuri în limba română respectiv 470 în limbi străine, 310 colecţii periodice, 27.045 de lucrări de literatură militară şi 24.003 de lucrări elaborate. La acestea se adaugă 1.529 de documente audiovizuale, 674 de documente digitale şi 2.266 de documente cartografice. Biblioteca este organizată pe trei module: literatură militară, enciclopedie şi informaţie documentară şi se adresează în egală măsură studenţilor, masteranzilor şi doctoranzilor universităţii.

foto Alice-Claudia Gherman