There can appear the following adverse effects – dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, confusion, lethargy, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension, collapse, fainting, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, increased sweating, difficulty urinating, blurred vision and taste, itching. buy tramadol online no prescription You have been a regular usage of tramadol for some time. Being an active sports person you had hurt yourself in an injury that stopped you from playing football anymore. This injury also introduced you to severe pain and aches in the joints that made daily simple activities like walking up and down the staircase very painful. In recent times, the hectic lifestyle followed by undue mental stress has increased the number of people suffering from pain ailments. Most of the medications available have serious health side effects like creating addictive behavior towards the medicine, causing kidney problems etc. But tramadol, when used with prescription guidance of your doctor is a powerful tool of healing and has no side effects. It is widely used among patients suffering from pain ailments and you can buy tramadol online.

Tramadol 50mg is the lowest concentration that is commonly available in the market, beyond which the concentration of tramadol rises. This concentration of tramadol is ideal for more flexible medication routine or course for the patient and provides a significant pain relief to the patient within a single dose. The maximum concentration that is safe to consume is 400 mg. Your medical practitioner will prescribe you a certain concentration for a single dose a day. The patient must follow this rule strictly and must not take a medication beyond a single dose. So if you are suffering from intense pain and similar conditions, look no further; try tramadol today! tramadol help migraines Tramadol is not prescribed to patients who suffer from intolerance to the components of the composition. The drug in ampoules is also contraindicated to patients under 18 years of age. The high price of the product is also considered an obstacle to its frequent use.

As the medication can prove to be habit forming or addictive, it should thus be used only by the individual who has been prescribed the same. Indeed, Soma should not be given to some other person with similar medical condition like yours without consulting the doctor. buy soma online The use of Soma was actively done in the ancient Indian culture as a pain relieving Vedic drink. Over the years this medicine has evolved and now it is being offered to patients in tablet formulations. This drug is actively used in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and pains as well. In most of the pain inducing conditions Soma is prescribed for a very short duration. As the pain subsides Soma dosage and the consumption is also terminated. You can easily buy Soma online through various online medical stores. Online you will find information about Soma in detail and without any problem.

Nowadays, it is a common thing to see many busy people using the Internet. With its help they easily find the needed information or place it themselves. In such a way they earn money. Searching such advertisement and links to their virtual pages, you may find virtual drugstores where you can purchase cheap Soma and many other preparations of various action. generic soma Soma is a muscle relaxant drug that is used for the treatment of the pain due to muscular cramps and other related medical conditions. Soma is a legal drug that is easily available with all the major drug suppliers and chemist stores. This drug is actively used for the treatment of the injuries that are a result of any accident or trauma such as violence and beatings. The use of Soma is made actively in conjunction with the physical rest therapies. These therapies include muscle relaxing exercises and aerobics.

In the markets Tramadol tablets are available in Extended Release and Immediate Release formulations. The extended release tablets have a long lasting effect on the patients and are used in general medication. While the immediate release formulation is used for treating more chronic painful conditions. tramadol 50 mg For people who cannot run around too much due to the pain they are undergoing. Buying from an online store is one of the best options. There is no need for them to run around from store to store just to buy the medicine. Sometimes it also happens that the medicine will not be in stock due to which a person would need to wait till the time the medicine is available. It is also cheaper to buy tramadol online because generally a person would buy it from a wholesaler. There is a huge difference in the cost of the medicine if you were to buy it from a regular store.


Film: 10.000 î.Hr.

April 10th, 2008, com 3 comentarii

Iată-ne, din nou, în faţa aceleiaşi probleme: tinde, oare, cinematografia să se supună – direct şi inexorabil – calculatorului?! Vom asista, poate destul de curând, la renunţarea actorilor, operatorilor, „prezenţei umane“ profesioniste de pe platou – în favoarea complexului vizual electronic, adică a acelui ECRAN pe care (deşi într-o sală de spectacol fiind!) vom urmări „filme“ realizate, integral!, pe o simplă claviatură…?!

Regizorul, producătorul şi scenaristul american de origine germană, Ronald Emmerich (autor al unor filme de public-success precum Godzila, sau Ziua Independenţei – dar şi a acelui de neuitat Unde vei fi poimâine – cumplit avertisment asupra poluării Planetei: vă mai amintiţi acel cadru înfricoşător în care, deasupra unui imens New York scufundat sub apele provenite din topirea gheţarilor, se mai vede doar braţul ridicat cu făclia din oţel a Statuii Libertăţii…!) vine de astă dată să ne plesnescă retina cu o poveste de grădiniţă, sau cu o scremută „idilă hollywood-iană“ de cel mai prost gust, în care acum 10.000 de ani, nişte oameni „primitivi“ (! – n.a.) s-au luptat cu nişte animale înspăimân?tătoare… („Aceste creaturi înfricoşătoare – explică însuşi regizorul – sunt ceva între dinozauri şi struţi, dar vânează ca nişte crocodili, ieşind din adăpostul ierburilor înalte în care trăiesc pentru a ataca prada, retrăgându-se apoi în mare viteză“)…

Evident, create pe calculator, aceste „animăluţe“ sunt copleşitoare…! Şi e la îndemâna lor, dacă acei câţiva eroi-actori vor rămâne, sau nu, în viaţă.

Un film, din p.d.v. „circ vizual“ – cool; din p.d.v. ideatic: hazna!

„10.000 BC“ – SUA, 2008 – 109 minute