It is totally safer to take this drug under proper medical consultation and advice. However in some cases few minor side effects of the drug can be witnessed. Some of this traits are drowsiness, tremor, and headache, dizziness, feeling depression, blurred vision, insomnia and nausea accompanied by vomiting and upset stomach. But if taken with proper medical advice it is safe to use Soma. A detailed information about the intake method and the common dosage of this drug is available online on various websites. You can make the use of these websites to know about this drug in detail. generic soma The recommended dosage is 250 mg to 300 mg, three to four times a day. The maximum amount of days this medication can be taken extends up to three weeks only.

There are mainly two choices you should think about and the initial one is purchasing Ultram medicine from conventional pharmacy the other one is placing order for cheap tramadol from online retail providers. Since various net services have been available now for a long time, you perhaps have some experience already of ordering services and goods online. The initial advantage is saving your time by ordering Tramadol drugs. You need not require going to the pharmacy since all you require is internet connection and a PC. order tramadol no prescription Carisoprodol is a drug that relieves muscle spasms. The brand name of the compound is known as Soma. It is a muscle relaxant which acts centrally. The drug is more soluble in alcohol, chloroform than in water. The solubility is not dependant on pH. In the market it is available by itself or is combined with aspirin, codeine or caffeine. It has names such as Sanoma or Carisoma.

Before you even think of taking tramadol, there are numerous factors to be considered. The first and the foremost thing to do is to tell your doctor just about every small and big detail regarding your current and past medical health. It is on the basis of this information that the doctor will be able to prescribe the right medication to treat your pain along with the right dosage, that's why buy tramadol only from reliable drugstore. buy tramadol no prescription To a lesser extent, Tramadol affects the baby when breastfeeding. Then the percentage of the substance that comes to the baby does not exceed 0.1%. However, this percentage can negatively affect the child’s condition. If you notice allergic reactions in the absence of complementary foods, obvious disorders of the nervous system (insomnia, apathy or increased activity), it is important to consult a specialist.

Those who want to buy Tramadol should know that in most countries, including the USA, Canada and European Union, you can't buy it without a prescription. This option is justified by its possible danger, and again — please, be very careful with Tramadol. It's necessary to tell your physician about all problems you have before he will prescribe you this drug. People who suffer from liver, kidney diseases, prostate problems, asthma, hypotension, epilepsy, head injuries, etc. are in the risk group, so if you have any of problems listed above, you probably shouldn't take Tramadol at all. This is also true for pregnant women, as well as for breastfeeding mothers and for those who tries to become pregnant. Of course, people with allergic reactions to Tramadol shouldn't take it, too. Your doctor will tell you more about it. Also, you shouldn't forget to tell your specialist about the drugs you take before you'll get a prescription for Tramadol — drugs with similar effects, for example, can increase the chances to get some of the unwanted and side effects. Tramadol can also interact with other drugs, such as pain relievers, sleeping pills and drugs that treat depression. To avoid unwanted consequences, all your doctors have to know about all the drugs you take. tramadol overnight shipping Finally, buy tramadol online there you may find Tramadol no prescription. So, do not hesitate and purchase it right now!

As far as the recent pharmacological trials are concerned the drug doesn't have any profound side effects usually associated with opiate class drugs and hence is safer to use. Moreover it is not a scheduled medicine and hence its sale without a prescription is not strictly regulated by federal laws. Moreover tramadol 50mg is too small a dose to cause any adverse effects on the body's system other than its therapeutic effect. tramadol health One of the best things is that this medicine is available on any website that sells medicines. There are online websites that only sell this medicine. You can buy tramadol from a pharmaceutical store, a retailer, and wholesaler or even directly from the manufacturer. Depending from which site you choose, the rate of the medicine will change. All you need to do is look around properly to ensure that you get a good deal for the tablets. Another good thing is that you can buy tramadol online the necessary amount of tablet; you do not have to purchase the entire bottle at one time. There are different deals that are available for people. These deals can make a huge difference in the overall expense. This is why people prefer to opt for buying the medicine online. There is no doubt on the quality of the medicine especially if you are purchasing it from a website that follows all the necessary rules and regulations that are set in order for a website to sell prescription medication.


FILM: Poker

May 10th, 2010, com 3 comentarii

Ei bine, filme bune se mai fac şi azi, doar că în cazul lui Poker replica din subtitlul recenziei este adevărată. Ironia face ca replica să fie extrasă tot din filmul analizat. Poate că s-a vrut un atac la filmele regizorilor tineri dar, din păcate, ultima peliculă a lui Sergiu Nicolaescu o merită cel mai mult.

Dacă în filmele făcute înainte de 1989 de popularul regizor român mai puteai găsi unele elemente de competenţă (în special în zona tehnică unde se vedea educaţia şi rigoarea inginerească), în cazul producţiilor postdecembriste acestea lipsesc cu desăvârşire. În special Carol I şi Poker. Povestea, imaginea, montajul, toate sunt executate prost. Filmul se vrea o comedie, dar în loc să fie o imagine a României contemporane, este un kitsch ordinar. În loc să arate prostul gust, este prost gust proiectat. Actori buni de film ca Mircea Diaconu sunt de nerecunoscut, dar nici Horaţiu Măl`ele şi Valentin Teodosiu nu reuşesc să sară prea departe de mlaştina impusă de peliculă.

Filmul e plin de fracturi logice în desfăşurarea evenimentelor (ceva teribil s-a întâmplat la montaj), de replici şi glume proaste, unele auto referenţiale (mă refer la celelalte creaţii nicolaesciene) ca „Nu trageţi, domn, Semaca, sunt eu Lăscărică“  sau din Naşul. Probabil că regizorul a vrut să transpună această stare legată de noi, aceea că la porţile Orientului totul este tratat cu uşu­rinţă, numai că, în acest film, totul este superfluu: de la scenele de violenţă caraghioase, la scenele de sex scârboase şi supraexpunerea goliciunii lui Jojo. Filmul în sine este inutil dar e, deja, cea mai vizionată producţie româ­nească în cinematografe. Probabil că succesul i se datorează bunului renume al actorilor ve­terani  de film anterior menţionaţi şi nudităţii lui Jojo, mult promovată. Mă întristează acest succes. Păcat!

Regizor: Sergiu Nicolaescu

Actori: Valentin Teodosiu, Mircea Diaconu, Horaţiu Mălăele

Genul: comedie

Durata: 112 minute

Recomandare: În aceeaşi categorie cu acest dezastru nu ar putea intra decât un alt film românesc prost: Despre morţi numai de bine, o peliculă poliţistă după un scenariu literar de Stelian Tănase. Vom regăsi aceeaşi muzică slabă, interpretare mediocră şi poveste slabă.