Patients can buy Tramadol online or through medical shops. This is a legal drug which is easily available all over the place. You need not to put in much effort to find this drug. The online websites are the best way to buy this drug as they offer you the ease of getting this drug at your door steps easily. There is not much difference in the pricing of this drug through shops and online websites. However you need to take care of few points before you buy Tramadol. tramadol online overnight In this case, patients, who buy Tramadol, note the appearance of a rash on the skin of the body and limbs, severe itching. Scratching the skin aggravates the condition and can lead to infection. If symptoms of overdose occur, it is important to stop using the drug immediately and seek medical attention. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to death.

Prior starting to intake this preparation, inform your physician whether you have liver or kidney illnesses. If it is so, than the dosage may be decreased. buy soma online People who feel pain in muscles have problems to move as a rule. It is difficult for them to stand up, sit down and sometimes even lie in the bed. How can such people feel relief? They need some analgesics to stop that horrible feeling and get a chance to enjoy their life. Doctors can suggest doing some exercises, going to a specialist and get some therapeutic massage, but sometimes these methods do not work to the full. That’s why they decide to prescribe some medicine to make the treatment more effective. Generally they choose Soma for that purpose. This drug makes the muscles relax that allows lessening the pain. There is only one problem. Not everyone is able to go to the drugstore, stay in a queue and wait for the order. Sometimes such people ask someone to do that, but very often there is no one to ask and they are left alone with their health problem. There is an excellent way out of that situation. You can buy Soma online. It will let you stay at home or at work (if you have to do something and your employer does not allow you to go home) and perform the order.

Muscle pain is one of the major problems that disturb the normal lifestyle of a professional or a sports person. An aching muscle not only creates a problem in movement, but also brings different health problems. If this muscle pain is in its top-notch position then it is always suggested to consult with inexperienced physician. He will assist you to get rid of these major muscle problems. However, different medicines and therapies are available, but very few of them can treat the muscle efficiently as it is treated by Soma, a muscle relief solution, that's why buy soma online. cheap soma Soma is a well-known tool that was designed to relieve pain in muscles. It affects the human cerebrum directly. It influences the special parts of the cerebrum that are responsible for the feeling of pain. Commonly, it is prescribed for examinees in the period after operations, when the pain is too great. It is effective in occasions of severe injuries and can also be used in a complex with various physiotherapies, improving their effectiveness. You can buy Soma online.

It is a common belief that buying off the internet is a better deal than buying off physical stores. The offers and discounts are so alluring that more than often people cannot resist online purchase. It is the same in the case of medicine. There are just numerous pharmacies these days that promote and market their brand so excessively that people just cannot afford to miss it. It is not important to be cautious about the reputation and reliability of the pharmacy alone but the brand of the medicine should also be paid attention to. Since online pharmacies have become very popular and online shopping in general, there is a high possibility of fraudulent pharmacies and fake medicines being sold to innocent customers. Tramadol is a very popular drug throughout the world, thus people are always demanding it. To combat such demand, there are many people who set up fake pharmacies and dupe people. Buy tramadol only from reliable brands for best results. Read about the pharmacy and be sure of its brand through testimonials before placing an order since wrong medicines can put your life at stake. Follow the prescription completely since the doctor knows best. Never take an overdose or miss a dose of tramadol, keep possible side effects at bay. tramadol 50 mg For this age group both the releases should be initiated with 1 to 2 mg a day and should never be used more than 100mg under any circumstance.

Drugstores are also present in the virtual world, and they offer great opportunities which are indisputably better than in any common drugstore. The first thing that would attract your attention is the price policy. All prices for any product are much lower. Into the bargain, many online drugstores have different discount systems, which let you spare your costs. buy soma Soma can even be used in case of sedation as it has been utilized as mild sedative. It provides quick relief from discomfort and offers feeling of calmness. The medicine acts in a way that it relaxes the user both physically and mentally. Due to these benefits and uses, the drug permits the person facing musculoskeletal pain to simply perform the daily physical activities without any agony.


Incredibil! Ce repede au trecut o sută de ani!

January 31st, 2011, com 33 comentarii

Ca mai ieri un profesor – viitor deputat si ministru! – se frământa neştiind ce nume să aleagă pentru revista pe care dorea s-o propună cititorilor din Regat si de peste munţi. S-a consultat cu unul si cu altul, a cerut părerea unor jurnalişti cu experienţă. Până la urmă s-a decis, a botezat-o FLACĂRA, deoarece acest substantiv amintea şi de forţa dis­trugătoare a focului – răzvrătirea ţăranilor din 1907 era încă vie în memoria tuturor – dar si de virtuţile lui purificatoare.

Parcă au trecut numai câteva ceasuri de când acest fondator de revistă strângea în jurul lui colaboratori de elită: Delavrancea, Slavici, Coşbuc, Brătescu-Voineşti, Isac, Sadoveanu, Goga, Minulescu, Bacovia, Enescu, Agârbiceanu, Lovinescu… O pleiadă de semnături cum puţini au reusit să adune.

Si parcă de-abia am avut timp să clipim de când noua publicaţie ieşea de sub tipar, pe o hârtie bună, cu ilustraţii de Iser, şi se impunea rapid, cu autoritate, în peisajul presei noastre, cunoscând tiraje fantastice în acele timpuri – 40.000 de exemplare, la o populaţie cu mult sub 10.000.000. Era aşteptată cu nerăbdare la chioşcuri – costa 10 bani, dar, pe vre­mea aceea, banul era ban. Din teama de a nu pierde vreun număr, cei grijulii se abonau. Se difuza şi peste hotare – 15 bani exemplarul! Era vie. Stârnea polemici. Si pleda convingător pentru unirea, prin cultură, a tuturor românilor, o fază pregătitoare pentru întregirea deplină a neamului.

Iar această reuşită remarcabilă se datora abordării incitante a unor subiecte de lite­ratură şi artă, unor dezbateri de interes social, unor reportaje şi interviuri. Totul realizat cu maxim profesionalism. Fără prejudecăţi şi parti-pris-uri. Cu dorinţa de a face mai multă lumină în jur. Fiindcă o flacără alungă bezna.

De-a lungul acestor o sută de ani s-au perindat mulţi la conducerea revistei FLACĂRA. Dar numai unul dintre ei, în 1911, i-a pus titlul sub care e cunoscută şi astăzi: CONSTANTIN BANU.



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