In most places when you buy tramadol online and where you need to submit a prescription, the store runners will accept your prescription and within a day or two after your prescription is approved, the order is shipped out for delivery. There are many vendors who provide same day shipping or next day shipping. Apart from these express shipping options, there is also Cash on Delivery option available for those customers who are not comfortable with the idea of sharing their personal details online. Apart from providing flexible options in shipping and delivery, they also have flexible options in payment. Also, their online chemist and druggist store is well-maintained, and you will more often than not, find it very easy to understand the medication that you will require and make a purchase. Some high end stores also have call centre and customer care numbers in order to solve your queries and address our concerns before you place an order. Also, there are often on-going discounts and offers that are provided to customers, and they can make the most use of these offers. purchase tramadol For those who do not have the time or patience to search for a nearby chemist shop, online pharmacies are a blessing. They are very well-equipped with numerous drugs of trustworthy quality. However while most of the pharmacies appear to be selling the same drug, they may not be in reality. Tablets are not something to be overlooked, since one’s health is at stake. Buy Tramadol online is very simple. All that one needs to have is a debit or a credit card for online purchase, the drug gets delivered to your doorstep within the stipulated period of time. Compare prices with different websites before the purchase to be assured of the best deal. There are many side effects of tramadol if not consumed as per prescription thus despite sites offering tramadol without prescription, doctor’s consultation is important.

Though Tramadol is a narcotic-like medication, it is regularly prescribed not as a when-needed remedy, yet an around-the-clock one. When you buy Tramadol, you choose the medication of the strong opioids class (opiates). All meds that belong to it are known for treating really severe pains. It has an impact on one’s central nervous system as well as the brain and is able to reduce the pain you feel. tramadol 50mg Tramadol is used in treatment of all kinds of pain inducing ailments that range from mild to severe. There is use of this medicine in all kinds of treatments but many users take it as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID which is wrong.

The persons that have not reached the age of 12 should not use it. It is not advised to operate with any kind of machinery or drive any kind of vehicles, as Soma has a sedative effect during which you may fall asleep. order soma online Apart from the fact that you can get this tablet at a cheaper rate, this is also beneficial as this way you can place the order for the medicine whenever you want. This can also be bought late at night as there are no specific timings for you to place the order. Another benefit of buying this medicine online is the fact that they will deliver the medicine at your doorstep, this is beneficial especially if you are living in a country where this medication is not available or cannot be sold in physical stores.

The last problem of Tramadol is that it can be addictive. It is addictive, actually, that's why those who take this drug should be supervised by their doctors. If you feel that the dependence is developing, contact your doctor and tell him everything about it. tramadol reviews Tramadol is a very popular medicine for any kind of pain. Depending on the severity of the pain, the doctor prescribes the appropriate dosage. It is important to reveal all medical history to the doctor to avoid any possibility of allergic reactions or other side effects after consuming tramadol. Doses are very subjective, for instance those suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis may be prescribed a really heavy dose.

No medicines should ever be taken without the prior consultation of the doctors. The doctors after the due checking must understand the necessity of the tramadol and will then prescribe it. Patients being volunteers at many times make severe errors of wrong medication. The tramadol if consumed will cause severe side effects which would include, vomiting, nausea, and many more. tramadol 50 mg Tramadol injections and drops for oral administration are not prescribed for children under one year of age, pills and capsules are not used in the treatment of children under 14 years.


Marina Militară, 150 de ani

September 29th, 2010, com 31 comentarii

Aşa, ca fapt divers…
• Ziua Marinei a fost oficializată ca onomastică a marinarilor români la 15 august 1902, de Sfânta Maria Mare. La această dată, Ziua Marinei a fost marcată la bordul crucişătorului Elisabeta printr-un Te-Deum la care a luat parte şi ministrul de Război Dimitrie A. Sturdza, urmat, în după-amiaza şi seara aceleiaşi zile, de un banchet şi serbarea marinărească propriu-zisă, dată în folosul Palatului Invalizilor. În anul 1912, serbarea nautică a fost pusă sub înaltul Patronaj al Majestăţii Sale Regina Elisabeta, iniţiativa organizării sale aparţinând Societăţii Regina Elisabeta a Marinarilor Civili din Constanţa. • În anii 1910–1911, ofiţerul de marină mecanic Ion Paulat a proiectat şi construit, în premieră mondială, primul hidroglisor românesc; în anul 1920 s-a constituit Grupul de Aviaţie Maritimă în bazinul Titan al portului Constanţa, nucleul hidroaviaţiei româneşti; primul hidroavion construit integral în România, cu care s-au efectuat zboruri, a fost hidroavionul R.A.S.–GETTA, proiectat de tânărul inginer Radu A. Stoika. • Câteva pierderi suferite de Forţele Navale Române în cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial: 15 august 1941, vasul Peleş a fost torpilat, cel mai probabil de un submarin inamic, în regiunea NE cap Eminef • 10 octombrie 1941, crucişătorul auxiliar Regele Carol I, care ieşea din portul Varna pentru a continua operaţiunea de minare din zona Varna-Bugaz, a lovit la ora 11.55 o mină şi s-a scufundat • 11 iunie 1942 vasul Ardealul a fost eşuat în dreptul satului Fontanca • În ziua de 11 mai 1944, ora 17.52 nava România, angajată într-o luptă cu forţele sovietice, a fost bombardată şi ca urmare s-a scufundat l 12 mai 1944, nava Danubius, plecată din Constanţa, în cadrul Misiunii Navale Germane din România, a fost lovită de patru bombe care au dus la scufundarea ei. • Orice navă care circulă pe mările şi oceanele lumii are câte o mascotă. Marinarii simt nevoia să ia cu ei un animăluţ pe care să-l răsfeţe în lungile luni petrecute pe mare. Uneori găseai la bordul navelor o adevărată faună: de la bufniţe la pui de urs. Tradiţia mascotelor ambarcate s-a păstrat şi în zilele noastre. Astfel, la bordul fregatei Mărăşeşti, nava-amiral a Forţelor Navale Române, şi-a făcut stagiul, între 1995 şi 1997, căţeluşa Lola. Locul ei a fost luat apoi de frumoasa Rona.



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