This preparation may be not permitted for usage in occasions you are sick with porphyria, have liver or kidney ailments or you intake definite preparations. It is recommended to pass an observation and inform your physician whether you have any other ailments and with which preparations you are curing. online soma Due to its structural similarity to tricyclic antidepressants the Soma drug creates life-threatening interactions with MAO inhibitors, may potentiate the effects of alcohol, barbiturates and other drugs that are oppressive to the central nervous system, may increase the risk of seizures in patients who uses Tramadol, or may block the anti-hypertensive effect of guanethidine and similarly acting connections.

The use of this drug may be made as a pain reliever mostly but there are many other applications of this drug as well. It is also used as an anti depressant medicine for cure of anxiety and stress related disorders. tramadol help migraines Ambien is a very popular drug known to treat sleep disorders. Sleeping problems or rather insomnia is affecting people at a very large scale today. Lifestyles have brought about a steep rise in the case of health problems. Since insomnia can be a very serious issue if it prolongs for a relatively long period of time, it is better to consult a doctor and switch to medication immediately. Ambien is known to cause imbalance since it affects the chemicals in the brain directly, thus this medicine should not be consumed in the absence of a doctor’s prescription or guidance. Also this drug can be habit-forming thus people under the influence of alcohol or those having a prominent history of drug abuse and other addictions should stay away from this medicine. Different people require different dosage which only the doctor is able to tell on the analysis of the patient’s medical history and current lifestyle and other health problems.

The more pronounced the pain and the harder the patient copes with it, thus the higher the dosage of Tramadol is required. where to buy tramadol online Despite the advantages of this medication, there are high chances of it becoming addictive. Thus it is essential to keep away from children and also others. It has become very easy to buy tramadol online these days because of the way too many online pharmacies.

Soma is a brand name for carisoprodol, a medication used to treat muscle pain and spasms. It is also used to relieve discomfort caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and fibromyalgia. Carisoprodol works by blocking nerve impulses in the brain that cause pain. soma drug When you place an order from a website, you are required to even scan the copy of the prescription and email it to them. Once they receive the mail, they will go ahead and complete all the necessary steps before dispatching the order. This takes a few minutes. Once everything is conformed then you can receive the order within a few days.

This medication works like barbiturates. It's necessary to know for those who want to buy Soma that it is a drug that can be addictive. If you take the normal dose, but feel that you need more and more of this remedy, you have to tell your doctor about it. He will most likely tell you to stop taking Soma, but you shouldn't do it suddenly — Soma can cause some unpleasant withdrawal effects in such a case. If you want to stop taking it, you have to do it gradually, which means taking less and less dose before you stop at all. That's how you will feel no withdrawal effects. generic soma We want also to mention and this is not a full list of adverse effects. There may happen some other ones. In case they happen, immediately turn for help to the nearest hospital.


Un tramvai numit Popescu

January 10th, 2006, com 2 comentarii

Un spectacol într-un tramvai. Se joacă, respectiv circulă, doar duminica. De la orele 15, pe diferite trasee, cu plecare din piaţa Sf. Gheorghe. Tramvaiul 26. Transformat în local familial. Cu drag, pe versurile poetului Cristian Popescu. Semnează regizorul Gavriil Pinte. Această călătorie este o călătorie de nuntă, doamnelor şi domnilor. Cu lăutari, mirese şi strigarea darului: o pernă umplută cu pământ, ca să ne obişnuim. Că viaţa de-abia se mai vede, dintre atâta moarte. Să nu-ţi pese, băiatul mamei. Asta e. Nu eşti făcut pentru lumea asta. Tramvaiul trece prin piaţa Traian. Şi copiii îl arată cu degetul. Peste drum de cimitirul Maica Domnului, o adunătură de cheflii. Actorii dau noroc, prin geamuri, cu liliac alb în halbe.

In parcul Tei e o staţie. Violonistul Gheorghe Drăghici coboară. Ca să auzim cum cântă ninsoarea la ţambal. Şi, eventual, să ne bucurăm. Că poetul a murit doar aşa, de jucărie. Pentru că nimeni n-a vrut să moară de- adevăratelea pe numele de Popescu Cristian, deşi s-a făcut întotdeauna multă reclamă şi ofer­ta era destul de avantajoasă. Un spectacol într-un tramvai. Se joacă, respectiv circulă, prin viaţa fiecăruia dintre noi. Explicând că unora le ajunge să moară într-o noapte tot ce-au trăit în vreo 70 de ani. Şi că tu, dacă ai trăit 59 de ani, trebuie să mori 59 de ani şi de-abia după aia îţi trece.



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