As Soma may harm an unborn child, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or just planning to have a kid. Patients under 12 years old are not allowed to take it, as they will be under a higher risk of getting side effects and addiction. The medicine also influences your reaction badly; don’t start any activity that requires alarmed thinking. soma online Patients usually buy Soma to overcome a variety of injuries related to musculoskeletal disorders like ligament sprains, muscle stiffness, sprains. The dose usually recommended for such cases is 250 mg thrice in a daily. If the problem persists the patient is usually advised to increase the dose up to 350mg.

Get soma carisoprodol, and use a combination of soma and pescethol. This may be useful if the user has pain in the abdomen as an analgesic. carisoprodol soma Never alter your dosing regimen without a proper consultation with a specialist. The usage of such preparations on your own can be dangerous for your health.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the possible side effects. Again, those who want to buy Tramadol should understand that, although it's a very powerful drug and it really works, side effects are possible. So, if you have such problems as itching, anxiety, nausea, nervous behavior — you have to tell your doctor about it. These problems are not fatal, but they all certainly make your life uncomfortable and should be treated. There are also some less common effects like blood in urine, problems with blood pressure (whether high or low pressure), pain in chest, problems with breathing, arrhythmia, loss of memory, etc. —these ones are quite more dangerous and extremely rare. If you feel that you have anything of this list, call your physician and tell him. He will probably reduce the dose of Tramadol you take and you'll surely feel better. buy tramadol online If you want to buy Tramadol, here is another thing you have to know about it. You have probably used pain killers, and you may think that all of them should be used "pro re nata" (which means "as needed", right after you've felt pain). Truly, most of such drugs should be taken when you feel pain, but Tramadol works another way — its effects are strong, but not rapid. This medicine is usually prescribed to be taken every 4-6 hours if it's not 200-300mg pills, of course. It's not recommended by doctors to take more than 400 milligrams of this drug per day, so be careful with it. Due to the fact it's a pain reliever, overdose is possible, and it may lead to serious problems. Tramadol overdose can even be fatal! If you overdose or feel something like problems with breathing (the most dangerous and the most common symptom of overdosing) — please, don't wait and call your doctor immediately. It doesn't matter whether you've done it intentionally or not — if you overdose with Tramadol, every second counts. Well, this problem is rather rare, and if you use this medication properly, you will have no such problems.

Tramadol is very popular to treat both moderate and sever pain. Sometimes during treatments, to relieve the patient of chronic or acute pain, tramadol comes very handy. Despite the easily availability of this drug, one should buy tramadol strictly on the basis of the doctor’s prescription. As consumption of this medication can easily become a habit, never take this medication unless specified by your doctor. Children and those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs should stay away from this medication. Though this medicine can do wonder, overdose of this medicine can be very dangerous. Tramadol has to be stored in the right place and should be consumed only under the doctor’s guidance. buy tramadol online People usually injure themselves more severely when they are not well aware of their medical conditions and try to self medicate. In doing so they not only risk their lives but can also potentially loses the concerned organ completely. Always make it a habit to not to experiment with your injuries if they are quite serious. In a common condition like muscle cramp people mostly try to treat it by applying ice, but if it is a result of internal injury then it can be dangerous. For example if the injury has resulting in internal bleeding and you try to apply ice then it will clot the blood and will damage the internal organs. This is just one example there are many such conditions which appear to be small but can result in serious injuries.

Nowadays internet trading becomes more and more popular. It takes only a few minutes and mouse clicks to go through the registration and buy everything that you need. You should always read the feedbacks about the online shop and find out details about delivery before making your choice. buy ambien As stated above, ambien also termed as zolpidem is of non-benzodiazipne category of prescription medicine. Similar to majority prescription medications zolpidem also called asambien has various side effects which should be considered seriously before utilizing this medicine for treatment. As a hypnotic medicine, ambien creates drowsiness that seriously affects one’s ability to drive motor vehicles. Zolpidem has been found also to cause hallucinations, altered thought patterns, delusions, amnesia, uninhibited extroversion, headaches, increased impulsivity; impaired judgment in few individuals and in some cases insomnia has reappeared again while stopping the medication.


Ciuperci umplute

December 9th, 2011, com Comenteaza

Pasul 1. Cureți ciupercile de primul strat de  pieliță, scoți cu grijă piciorul fiecăreia și scobești stratul maroniu din interiorul lor. Cu grijă, să nu le rupi, să nu le deteriorezi.

Pasul  2. Toci  cât  mai  mărunt  ceapa, roșiile, ardeiul gras și ardeiul iute, usturoiul, piciorușele de ciuperci și rondelele de ardei capia.

Pasul 3. Încinzi într-un wok vreo trei linguri de ulei de măsline și călești toate legumele odată, vreme de vreo cinci minute, până ce se înmoaie și se împrietenesc bine unele cu celelalte.  Pui busuiocul proaspăt tocat, sare și piper, amesteci un minut pe flacără și oprești focul.

Pasul 4. Umpli pălăriile ciupercilor cu amestecul din tigaie și le așezi pe o tavă în care ai pus o coală de hârtie pentru copt.

Pasul 5. Pui câte un strop de ulei  de  măsline  în  fiecare  ciupercă și le pui la copt, în cuptorul  încălzit  cu  un  sfert  de  oră înainte, timp de aproximativ 15 minute, la foc mediu spre mare.



●   ciuperci de cultură, cu pălăria mare și încăpătoare – 4 bucăți;

●   usturoi – 4 căței;

●   roșii – două, potrivite;

●   ardei gras verde – doi mici sau unul mediu;

●   ceapă roșie – o bucată nu prea mare;

●   ardei iute verde – o bucată;

●   piciorușele celor 4 ciuperci;

●   un ardei capia tăiat rondele;

●   ulei de măsline;

●   sare;

●   piper;

●   câteva frunze de busuioc proaspăt.


Mâncare simplă de post, care cere, după părerea noastră, un vin cuminte, prietenos, fără mari pretenții. Aș propune Plăvaie, din gama Livia, Crama Gârboiu. E un soi autohton aproape uitat, care abia din toamna asta s-a reîntors pe piață.


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